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What would you say is the most annoying festive noise? During the month of December your eardrums will encounter countless new noises that are only heard during the yuletide period.



Whether you are at work or relaxing at home, these noises will continually drive you crazy, we explore them in greater detail throughout his blog.


Seasonal songs


Initially it’s nice when you hear ‘Last Christmas’ for the very first time in December. It’s not so good if your alarm clock has woken you up to Wizzard blasting ‘I Wish It Could Be Christmas Every Day’ every workday morning throughout the festive period.


Worse still they are everywhere. Walk into any shop over the holiday period and they’ll be piping festive tunes through their in-store speaker system.


Seasonal songs put you in the festive mood initially. Listen to them for too long though and you’ll be glad when Xmas is over!


Kiddie toys


We don’t want to sound like the Grinch here and steal Christmas away from kids but you have to admit, there are certain toys that will drive you to the brink of despair at Christmas.


Most electronic toys will be fine at first but once you have heard games bleeping for a while, pretend pets meowing or barking for ages, electronic drum kits thumping and Furbies purring when they are petted, it can get a little annoying after a while.


Stick to board games and you’ll be fine!


Carol singers


It’s not just festive songs continually played over the radio that ruin the Christmas spirit for many people, carol singing can have a negative effect too.


Sure, it’s lovely to listen to a chorus of ‘Oh little town of Bethlehem’ backed by a brass band with a fresh coating of snow on the ground. It’s not so good if your arms are filled with heavy shopping bags, it’s tippling down with rain and you have a headache brought on by spending too long in stuffy department stores.


Try to enjoy it though. Buy a mince pie and a hot mug of mulled wine from a nearby stall, it is Christmas after all...


Your workmates moaning!


Sit near somebody that forever bemoans about the festive period? Are they unhappy about the cost of Christmas, do they complain about the queues in the stores, are they grumbling about the venue for the office party and simply moaning for the sake of it?


Unfortunately, poor office acoustics will contribute to this. Manipulate the acoustics slightly and this can foster productivity and promote workplace harmony. We can help you achieve this at Acoustic Interiors and ensure you have a happy Christmas!



  • 70% of workers say they would be more productive in a less noisy environment
  • 72% of workers are dissatisfied with their speech privacy
  • 64% of workers are interrupted more than 20 times per day


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