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If you work in an office, chances are, you spend more time sat at your desk than anywhere else. You turn up at nine and sometimes don’t leave it until way after 5pm – and that’s 5 days a week. So it’s important that your desk space works for you.



But how do you do that? How can you turn your desk into a place that benefits you and your work?


Let’s find out:


Don’t pick up the phone


Many desk workers find that much of their time is spent on the phone to clients. They spend hour up on hour holding the phone to their ear, or with it tucked under their chin. But this isn’t doing any good for neck muscles. Request a headset if you spend a lot of time on the phone to relieve the tension of holding something to your ear!


Increase text size


Do you find yourself leaning in to read small text on your monitor? Then you’re going to find that further down the line you have issues with your eyes, and back. Rather than lean in, simply increase the text size on your monitor.


Keep your keyboard flat


If you have your keyboard raised then you’re forcing your wrists back when typing. This could lead to repetitive strain injuries and other issues. Flatten your keyboard and keep your wrists straight. It may be worth investing in an ergonomic keyboard if you want to keep your wrists in good health!


Your chair


You spend most of the day sat in that chair, so make sure it’s set up correctly. If it’s too low you’re putting too much pressure on your rear end. You need to evenly spread the pressure on your bum and sit with your back straight.


So there you go. A few tips to help you stay comfy at your desk and remain productive throughout the day. Here at Acoustic Interiors we can help control sound in your working environment to improve productivity. Get in touch today to find out more! 



  • 70% of workers say they would be more productive in a less noisy environment
  • 72% of workers are dissatisfied with their speech privacy
  • 64% of workers are interrupted more than 20 times per day


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